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Abha is a British Council certified creative writing mentor. She is an award-winning, internationally published poet, author, editor and translator.

Abha has been a writer-in-residence at the Sangam House Residency and received the Lavanya Sankaran Writing Fellowship for 2009-2010.


Her short fiction, The Marshlands, was shortlisted in the DNA-Out of Print short story contest (2015). Abha's poems have appeared in the Anthology of Contemporary Indian Poets and her fiction in The Indo-Australian Anthology of Short Fiction. Her story, The High Stool, was nominated for the prestigious, Million Writers Award.

Her published works include Yearnings, Flash Bites, Shrayan, Many Fish to Fry and The Gourd Seller and Other Stories. She has co-edited an anthology titled The Other, which is a collection of 33 stories by several authors on this theme.

Abha holds Creative Writing Workshops, edits fiction manuscripts and personally mentors aspiring writers. She writes/speaks on motivation, confidence building and finding the creative self.


Books and Anthologies

Many Fish to   Fry

Abha Iyengar’s unmistakable eye for detail and the absurd, makes for a quirky and layered novel. 

The style is poetic. The writing is taut. It's a must read for short story writers 


This is a unique and fascinating book.


Poems that hold the headiness of romance and the vulnerability of being human

Flash Bites

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