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Consortium Books Contest, 2002, Honourable Mention for ‘Beautiful Gazelle’.

Kota Press Poetry Anthology Contest, 2003, winner for collection of poems.

Tattoo Highway Contest, 2004, winner for ‘The Connection’.

A Photograph Speaks Without Words, Photographs Preserve History Contest, 2006, winner.

Story South Million Writers Award, 2007, nominated for ‘The High Stool’.

Patras, Greece, 2007, Special Jury Prize for ‘Parwaaz’ (film).


Lavanya Sankaran Fellowship, 2009-10, winner.

Bewildering Stories Mariner Award, 2010, winner for ‘Drought Country’.

Dog Day Summer Special Jury Award, 2010, for ‘A Long Awaited God’.

BTB Award for Best New Fiction, 2012, winner for ‘Shrayan’.

Pure Slush 2nd Anniversary Contest, 2012, winner for ‘Where’s The Party Tonight?’

Under the Banyan Tree, 2013, winner for ‘Heart on Fire’.

Flash Mob 2013: International Flash Fiction Day Competition, 2013, winner for ‘All Of It Returned’.

Brilliant Flash Fiction, 2016, longlisted for ‘A Long Time Coming’.

DNA-Out of Print Short Story Contest, 2016, shortlist for ‘The Marshlands’.


Brilliant Flash Fiction, 2017, shortlisted for ‘The Domino Effect’.

The Strands International Short Story Contest 2017, shortlisted for ‘A Different Kind of Burning’.

Pratilipi Judges’ Choice Award, 2019, winner for ‘Fireworks’.

Bound Contest 2019, in Top 3 finalists, for short story titled ‘Revelation’.

Longlisted: WE Kamala Das Poetry Award 2020.

Shortlisted for Micro Madness Contest 2021.

'Parwaaz', a visual poetry performance by Abha Iyengar
Directed by Biju Viswanath

The Gourd Seller and Other Stories (Kitaab, 2015)

Dr. Shashi Tharoor and Abha Iyengar at Jaipur Lit Fest 2017

Golchakkar Series: Authors Abha Iyengar, Gaurav Monga and Jose Varghese talk about flash fiction

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