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Author | Poet | Editor | Translator | 

| Creative Writing Mentor | Founder, Creative Wings Studio

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A British Council certified creative writing mentor, Abha is an award-winning, internationally published poet, author, editor and translator.

She holds creative writing workshops, edits fiction and non-fiction manuscripts and personally mentors aspiring writers.


Abha writes and speaks on motivation, confidence building and finding the creative self.

Editing services

Writing on Tablet

Want manuscripts line edited, structured and polished? Get in touch.

Seminars and Festivals

Woman Lecturer

She has spoken at seminars and literary festivals in Jaipur, Hyderabad, Delhi and Kumaon. Read more here

Creative Writing Lessons 

Desk with Book

Interested in a one-on-one or group-based creative writing workshop? Get in touch


Organizing Data

Abha provides wellness, motivation and self-help coaching sessions. Read more.


My book, ‘The Kintsugi Moms’ is to be published by Hay House publishers. I was not satisfied with any of the earlier editors who had worked on the book both in India and the U.S. But the moment I read the sample page she sent, I knew I had found my voice. She did the work six days ahead of scheduled, a work that was flawless and to my total satisfaction.


Her style outweighs any original English speaking person and I would assign all my projects only to her, taking into consideration all the wonderful work she is doing in the literary and media world.” 



I love Abha's work as an editor, writer and facilitator of writing workshops. I especially like her flash fiction. As an editor, Abha brings a keen eye and vast experience to her work, enriching any book she works on.


Her experience as a writer, published author and editor makes her an excellent facilitator of workshops related to writing. I'd definitely recommend that you work with her and attend her workshops.”​


—  Dr. Haseena C P, Author of 'The Kintsugi
Moms' (Hay House publishers)

—  Ganesh Vancheeswaran, Content marketer, editor &
person branding coach

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